Family Trust Companies in Malta

Malta is an incredibly attractive location to establish a family wealth structure, with trusts and foundations being highly regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). As a result of the Article 52(3), an amendment to the Trusts and Trustees Act, the Family Trusts Companies concept was born for property settled upon trust for the present and future generations.

Family Trust Companies provide numerous potential for those who are looking for a tailored trust solution. Upon satisfying the prescribed legal requirements, without the need to obtain full authorisation, the Family Trust Company must still remain committed to applying for registration with the MFSA whilst being compliant with the body’s stringent conditions and regulations. 

To set up a Limited Liability Company, with regards to acting on behalf of a trustee,  the following criteria must be maintained:

  • A maximum of five settlors;
  • At least three Directors on the Board (with at least one having experience with administration and trust law);
  • A Money Laundering Reporting Officer;
  • Limited acting as a trustee to specific settlors for the benefit of family members, in respect of the family estate.

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