Benefits of Incorporating a Business in Malta

Malta as a Business Destination

Although being a small European state, Malta is a highly attractive location to do business in the EU especially for foreign investors. Malta has been welcoming investors into the country for over the past 70 years, both in the private and public sectors. Setting up a business in Malta is straightforward and transparent, many investors seek out service providers in order to handle the legal and logistical requirements starting from company registration, banking facilities, recruitment of staff and an array of many more services.

Setting up a business in Malta can qualify you to benefit from a variety of advantages that the country has to offer to a non-resident who chooses to incorporate a company in Malta. the main benefits that Malta can offer include:

TAX Benefits

With an extraordinary competitive tax system in place, it is unquestionably the main factor that attracts investors to Malta. The system in place is in full conformity with European Union legislation, backed with over 70 Double Taxation agreements. Malta currently stands at 35% of the chargeable income of the company, although investors that register a company in Malta and are not themselves a resident in Malta can expect to receive tax refunds that ultimately lowers the tax as low as 5%. This is reinforced by Malta’s specialised financial services sector along with a robust regulator that Safeguards the provision of quality advice pertaining to international tax systems.

Well-Regulated Regulatory Jurisdiction

Malta is a prominent well-regulated jurisdiction, with detailed legislation covering a variety of different forms of entities such as foundations, trusts, protected cell companies, single-member companies, etc. Malta has built a renowned reputation across multiple sector areas such as gaming, maritime, financial services, and intellectual property.

Competitive Incorporation and Ongoing Fees

The minimum share capital of a company in Malta is €1200, investors can choose to pay as little as 20% upfront that being only €240. As previously mentioned, many investors use the services of service providers, such service providers have a vast array of experience relating to corporate services and can assist prospective investors at a reasonably competitive fee. The basic setup fee for a Maltese Holding company is €1,500 plus 18% VAT. For further information please read our Malta incorporation factsheet.

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