Honeycomb Fund Platform Service

What is Honeycomb?

Honeycomb is a leading Malta-based funds platform, with a pre-configured and efficient approach to setting up funds, or “Collective Investment Schemes”. Malta has several advantages for funds and setting one up on the Honeycomb platform adds further to these. The structure and service providers are already in place, enabling a fund to be set up quickly.

Whether your fund is targeting professional or retail investors, regardless of your strategy and underlying assets, Honeycomb can offer you lower set up costs, quicker set up timeframes, and also the right contacts to help start your operations. The funds on the platform are completely “separate legal entities” meaning that whilst they benefit from the common services offered by the platform, they operate entirely independently of each other.

Platform Services

Honeycomb uses the Recognised Incorporated Cell Companies (RICCs) platform to host each of its funds (or “cells”). Using the same setup approach is what makes Honeycomb’s RICCs model efficient: this consistent model ensures a quicker and more cost-effective means of setting up a new fund.

The platform makes available a number of services to the funds it hosts and through its longstanding local relationships has pre-arranged agreements in place with a number of authorised service providers including:

  • Fund Administrators;
  • Depositories;
  • Auditors;
  • Payment and foreign exchange service providers;
  • Fund Managers;
  • Risk Managers;
  • Insurance Brokers.

This will allow funds to benefit from savings on the time and effort it takes to organise these agreements, as well as from lower and more predictable operational costs. The platform also has access to experienced and competent professionals who can take up the posts of:

  • Resident Director;
  • Compliance Officer;
  • Money Laundering Reporting Officer;
  • Company Secretary;
  • Investment Committee members (for self-managed funds)

Benefits of using the Honeycomb platform

Driven by a team of experts with more than 40 years’ collective experience in the funds sector, our priority at Honeycomb is to offer you a fast and organised process for setting up a new fund, or relocating an existing fund to Malta.

Setting up a fund on our platform offers numerous benefits including:

  • Quicker and more cost-effective setup;
  • Operational costs are reduced throughout your fund’s lifespan;
  • Relationships with pre-approved service providers are already in place;
  • Most of the setup documentation is standard and has been pre-approved;
  • Only a rental fee and a one-off set up fee are charged by the platform;
  • Any savings generated by economies of scale or offered by our preferred service providers are not Retained by Honeycomb but are instead passed on to the fund directly;
  • The funds hosted on the platform are “separate legal entities”.

For more information on how Zeta can assist you please contact our Business Development department on bd@zeta-financial.com.