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Compliance due diligence solutions, detailed background checks when you need to know more.

Zeta’s due diligence process reports provide a detailed background check on any entity or individual, no matter where they are located in the world. Our reporting is widely used by organisations to enhance and simplify the due diligence process and protect against reputational damage and form part of a best practice, risk-based approach to due diligence.

Background and integrity checks are a crucial feature of today’s fast-paced, globalised business environment. Our analysts are trained in proven due diligence techniques. Using these techniques, they carry out a rigorous due diligence process by gathering the right intelligence and information from open sources, subscription-based services as well as public records and documents.

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Enhanced due diligence reporting

The due diligence process is complex but we are committed to carrying out to the highest levels of competence and efficiency. We are trained at compiling detailed background checks. Our research is subject to strict service levels and stringent quality control. Our reports are compiled from:

We are trained at compiling detailed background checks. Our research is subject to strict service levels and stringent quality control. Our reports are compiled from:

  • Numerous public sources;
  • Local and international government records;
  • In-country sources;
  • International derogatory electronic and physical media searches;
  • English and foreign-language repositories;
  • Sector-specific sources;
  • Difficult-to-access public domain information in emerging markets;
  • Global compliance databases;
  • Information from our extensive World-Check database.

Key  information:

  • Identification and name check against sanctions lists, Interpol, and PEPs;
  • An access to press releases and articles as a result of the manual Name check function;
  • Risk Classification on each client (KYC) according to their geographical exposure, behaviour, activities, and client relationship set-up;
  • Automated Batch Name check on the same lists as mentioned above;
  • AML risk monitoring according to internal procedures;
  • Transactional monitoring;
  •  Individual, detailed and global reports.

This service takes into account your company needs both on an individual and collective level.

Cost effective due diligence

Despite the comprehensive nature of Zeta’s Due Diligence Reports, our approach is cost effective and transparent. We do not outsource our reports’ preparation to subcontractors thereby lowering the overall costs of the checks.

Short turnaround times

With a combination of at-the-source record searches you can be confident that the information you receive is comprehensive and timely. Due Diligence Reports are generated in the shortest possible time without sacrificing quality, available with a turnaround of within 2 to 3 working days and in some cases in as little as 24 hours.

Clearly structured report style

Our Due Diligence Reports are presented in a structured and logical format so that they are easy to understand. We clearly identify, and provide links for, our information sources to enable the reader to follow the chain of information if they so wish.

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