Zeta's objective is to assist our clients in maximising their investment through customised, cost-effective, and flexible financing solutions. Our aim is to provide our clients with the most beneficial solution to finance their investment. To this end, we offer comprehensive valuation and financial services, amongst a wide range of services in the sector.

At Zeta, our Financial Services unit comprises of individuals who are highly experienced and focused on utilising their expertise in three main areas; valuation, fundraising, research and listings.


Measuring and understanding the value of one’s business, shares, tangible and intangible assets is crucial for taking informed decisions down the line. The need for unconcealed and robust valuations to support corporate and individual investment decisions and to meet regulatory and accounting requirements is constantly increasing. Zeta offers comprehensive business valuation, finance valuation, and company valuation. Our experienced team provides excellence in accounting, taxation, and due diligence to provide you with valuation advice for an abundance of purposes. Contacting Zeta will give you the innovative perspective needed to suit your valuation requirements.


Zeta has built and fine-tuned a well-structured, segmented process to fundraising, enabling clients to enhance fundraising effectiveness, timing, and efficiency.

Zeta applies the following processes:

  • Analysis of the firm’s current investor pool;
  • Evaluation of the ideal future investor pool;
  • Review of the investor attributes and dynamics;
  • Understanding of investor allocations;
  • Proposal of targeted investor groups;
  • Deep fund due diligence based on best practice by potential investors;
  • Staged marketing plan.

Once these analyses are complete, the fundraising is completed in five phases, each with a clear milestone:

  • Phase I: Structuring
  • Phase II: Positioning and documentation
  • Phase III: Pre-marketing
  • Phase IV: Fundraising
  • Phase V: Post-closing


The financial sector is complex and contains many diverse sub-sectors. Through Zeta’s research advice and guidance on a variety of key issues, clients have been able to make more informed decisions, resulting in a sustainable bottom line performance. Zeta’s Financial Services Research division combines expertise in finance with an international network of experienced market researchers, to provide companies and individuals with the critical knowledge they need to make sound, strategic investment decisions.


Securitisation is the process of transforming one asset or a group of assets, into tradeable assets or “securities”. Often it involves a financial transaction in which assets are pooled and securities representing interests in the pool are issued and are made available to investors thereby creating liquidity.

Some of the benefits of Malta-based securitisation practice include:

  • Regulated EU market under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive providing access to the lo-cal EU market’s potential; 
  • A secure and robust legal framework; 
  • A straightforward ap-proach to neutral income tax treatment of the secu-ritisation; 
  • No withholding tax on outbound distributions; 
  • Very robust claw-back pro-tection and SPV ring-fencing rules;
  • Flexibility in the types of assets that are transferred including both asset and risk securitisation.

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Securitisation and structured finance services in Malta

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