Multi-Family Office

Our entire range of services are grounded in a deeper understanding of the client family’s specific requirements, a knowledge built on quality relationships often lasting many years. 

At Zeta, we support our clients with consistent planning and implementation of their family governance system. By teaming up with the client, we are able to define values, structures and processes that are aimed towards achieving a shared objective in both a transparent and efficient manner.

Zeta provides independent assistance in developing a successful family governance system. By teaming up with expert global investment managers, we develop integrated, customised solutions for all of your financial affairs.

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Multi-Family Office solutions

Cost efficiency, transparency and security

  • Fee models, achievement-oriented remuneration and negotiation of optimum conditions with banks and third parties 
  • Assets are deposited with first-class banks 
  • Efficient administration platform 

Relief from all administration duties

  • Co-ordination/prioritisation of tasks with specialists you trust 
  • Provision of fiduciary and trust services provide families with a “one-stop ’shop” solution 

To this end we bring multidisciplinary expertise to achieve targets, mitigate risk and nurture prosperity. The Zeta Family Office assists families and individuals in administering their wealth. Through our team of experienced professionals a structured approach is put in place, ensuring a sustainable strategy for your family:

  • Estate planning; 
  • Tax planning; 
  • Legal advice; 
  • Consolidation; 
  • Budget and cash flow management; 
  • Trusteeship. 


At Zeta, we strive to make sure that our clients’ relocation is a seamless one and offer exclusive services to assist both the individual and businesses alike. We understand that relocating can be incredibly daunting, which is where we can support and guide you every step of the way to make sure your move is seamless and timely.

Our exclusive services combined with our quality service will make your move a seamless experience. Our dedicated team will take care of your every need, giving you peace of mind knowing that all of your requirements have been met.

Our services cater for both the private individual and businesses alike which include Relocation Services, Transition Services, Property Management and more. At the initial enquiry, we will obtain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and will provide you with a detailed overview of your options. The following information will be included:

  • General information relating to the cost of living, finding a place to live, health insurance or other, medical care options, banking requirements, transport, etc.; 
  • An overview of accommodation available in the chosen location; 
  • For families, we will provide you with a list of potential schools and contacts as well as any related links on the local education system upon request; 
  • Information on the various leisure facilities available on the island; 
  • Property management related information; 
  • Any other specific information requested. 

You can contact us for further information and any related enquiries you may have that are of concern to you: assisting you with your requests will be our pleasure.

Malta residency and citizenship

The Malta Global Residence Programme

The Malta Global Residence Programme continues to be successful. Malta is complimented with a temperate climate all year round, which is a huge bonus in attracting expatriates who are looking for an alternative residence base in a warm Mediterranean Island within the European Union. With the island’s full implementation of the Schengen Area Treaty, the country offers the ease of travel within the Schengen Area in which holders of the Malta Global Residence Programme permit have the opportunity to take full advantage of.

Launched in 2013, the Global Residence Programme replaces the High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) Scheme, which was originally introduced back in September 2011, and required a much higher threshold for non-EU foreigners to apply. Under the old scheme, non-EU foreigners were also required to place a €500,000 bond with the government and an additional €150,000 for each dependent. This condition has now been removed, making the new residency scheme very attractive for those interested in settling in Malta or Gozo.

The Global Residence Programme rules are applicable only to non-Maltese, non-EEA and non-Swiss nationals. The Global Residence Programme will soon also be made available to EU nationals.

To qualify under the new residence scheme the beneficiary must purchase a property of €220,000 or more (if the property is in the south of Malta or in Gozo) or of a minimum value of €275,000 for properties in central and northern Malta. Any nationals who are interested in renting a property are also eligible for residency given that the annual rental value is of €9,600 (or €800 monthly) in Malta and €8,750 (or €730 monthly) in Gozo or the South of Malta.

A standard rate of €6,000 for application fees has been established, for property purchased in Malta, and €5,500 if the property is bought in Gozo or the south of Malta, these fees being non-refundable.

According to the new Global Residence Programme rules, a flat rate of 15% is applicable on income declared in Malta. A minimum tax of €15,000 is also applicable, payable yearly in advance (this has been reduced from €25,000, with a further €5,000 per dependent under the old HNWI Scheme). Although the standard 15% flat rate will be applicable on income declared in Malta from overseas, in the event of other income (which does not fall under the scope of the rules) a tax rate of 35% will be applied. Applicants of the new Global Residence Programme will also be able to work or set up a business in Malta and will be taxed at a flat rate of 35% on any income grossed in Malta.

For a beneficiary to benefit from the new rules one must:

  • Purchase or take a lease on an immovable residential property in Malta in accordance with the regulations; 
  • Be in receipt of stable and regular resources which are sufficient to maintain his/her livelihood and any dependants without recourse to the social assistance system in Malta; 
  • Be in possession of a valid travel document; 
  • Be in possession of health insurance covering oneself and any dependants; 
  • Be fluent in one of the official languages in Malta; 
  • Be a fit and proper person and not benefit from any other tax status; 
  • Apply for the Global Residence Programme, through an Authorised Registered Mandatory. Zeta is an accredited agent and acts on behalf of Identity Malta which is the Government entity who handle the entire application process. 

Citizenship by Investment

The Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) is a specifically designed programme designed to facilitate Maltese Citizenship through investment for non-Maltese nationals and their dependants.

Once the application has been approved the applicant and his/her dependents will be provided with a Maltese passport which means that they become naturalized citizens of the Republic of Malta.

At Zeta, we can assist you with this application process. Zeta is an accredited agent and acts on behalf of Identity Malta which is the Government entity who handle the entire application process.

Contact us for further information on the applicant’s requirements.

Insurance services

Zeta offers insurance services through one of its affiliate companies. The Insurance Broking affiliate is a licensed insurance broker based in Malta and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

We can provide insurance broking assistance for both local and international clients, by endeavouring to obtain the optimal insurance programme for their business whilst acting in their best interests at all times.

Foreign property ownership

Buying property is not a process to be rushed. You need time to research the market as a whole and your particular destination of choice.

Zeta can assist you in finding the right home or property that you are looking for. We will recommend key experts in the local property sector of your chosen country. Having the right professionals will save you time, money and stress. Zeta can also provide you with information relating to the different laws and taxes surrounding property ownership in a foreign country.

Contact our advisers for further information.

Pension schemes

Malta is regarded as a reputable and well-regulated financial services centre both within and outside Europe. It has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and has a number of strengths to offer the industry; namely having a single regulator; a highly professional, well-trained, motivated and bilingual workforce with English as an official language; a low cost environment; an advantageous tax regime with more than 70 double taxation agreements; an enviable climate within a strategic location.

Setting up a personal pension in Malta enables you to benefit from a highly regulated jurisdiction with a flexible, but recognised pension structure.

Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes (ROPS, formerly QROPS)

A ROPS is a Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme that has met the criteria as set by and recognised by the UK’s Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Any ROPS can, therefore, accept a transfer from a UK registered pension scheme. ROPS were originally launched on 6 April 2006, following the EU human rights legislation with regards to freedom of capital movement, making it possible for individuals to transfer their UK pension funds to a ROPS based in another jurisdiction. It is attractive to individuals who have built up pension rights in the UK and are either considering retiring overseas or for those who have already left the UK. ROPS can be set up with funds from existing pension arrangements, by making cash contributions, or from a combination of both.

The pension schemes offered are Defined Contribution Retirement Schemes which are personal pensions having the provision of retirement benefits for their members as their objective. The schemes were established by Declarations of Trust and are registered and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority, and are also listed as ROPS by HMRC.

One should obtain tax, financial, and investment advice prior to setting up a ROPS.

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