Zeta is an advisory company whose goal is to deliver the best service with the highest efficiency and the lowest risks. Zeta’s platform offers a multitude of services run by advisors who combine comprehensive experience and a pragmatic approach. We focus on offering bespoke solutions of maximised efficiency to our clients.

Zeta own securitization platform is Pomegranate SCC p.l.c. Pomegranate comprises an expert team and offers its services to third parties intending to carry out a securitization transaction with maximum efficiency. Time is money, as the old saw goes, and we are here to ensure that you reach your goals without spending more than the absolute minimum of time and money that you need.

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Securitization in Malta

Malta, which is a booming centre for financial services, with an extremely hospitable tax regime, is highly experienced in delivering a wide spectrum of services related to the financial industries. The country has comprehensive securitization and securitization cell companies legislation that is extremely broad in scope, and, in fact, is considered to have among the most competitive securitization jurisdictions in the EU.

Malta offers the possibility of significant tax benefits to Special Vehicles (SVs). Under Maltese law, Originators have special benefits. There is no onus on Originators to be authorised and/or licensed, and no restrictions on the identity of the Originator.  They can hold equity stakes in the SV, and enjoy bankruptcy remoteness for the SV.

Particularly attractive is the lack of limitation on what assets may be securitised, as long as it is an asset. The transactions or financial instruments issued by an SV need to be over €1,000,000. SVs have many other benefits and protections under Maltese law that are highly attractive to any party intending to undertake such a transaction.

Pomegranate SCC – Securitization Cell Company

Zeta operates a cell company to offer securitization services to any client interested in carrying out such transactions. Pomegranate SCC p.l.c. offers a comprehensive suite of services in the field of securitization. It is run by a team of acknowledged experts and it focuses on the delivering the best service at the lowest cost in time and money. If you are seeking services related to securitization, contact us to see how we may be of service.

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