Corporate Profile

Zeta is a privately held independent group of companies with its main office in Malta, offering targeted services which include, but are not limited to; Advisory and Structuring; Residency & Relocation; Company Formation & Management; Corporate; Fiduciary; Fund Formation and Management; Multi-Family Office; Yachting & Aviation.

One of the key principles that drive Zeta’s team is their unwavering commitment to exceeding client expectations. They understand that the success of the business relies on delivering top-notch services and solutions that go above and beyond what the clients anticipate. This dedication to excellence ensures that every project undertaken by Zeta is executed with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

At the heart of Zeta’s mission is the commitment to the success of both the client’s business and their family. Zeta recognizes that many of its clients are not only entrepreneurs but also individuals with families and personal aspirations. The team takes a holistic approach, considering the impact of their services on both the business and personal fronts, ensuring that the solutions provided align with the clients’ overall objectives.

Zeta Advisory Services Limited provides structuring and advisory services,  Zeta Advisory Services also assist clients with the preparation of local and cross-border listing.

Zeta Corporate & Management Services Limited is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority to act as a Corporate Service Provider in Malta.

Zeta (Gibraltar) Limited specialises in assisting clients extending their international business operations via Gibraltar; all Gibraltar licensable activities are carried out by agents that are regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission to provide company and trust management services.

Premier Fiduciary and Trusts Limited is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority to act as a Trustee and to provide Fiduciary Services in terms of the Trust and Trustees Act.

Pomegranate SCC P.L.C. is a Securitisation Vehicle incorporated under the Securitisation Act of Malta.

Zeta is also present in the following jurisdictions offering financial services via its local authorised preferred Agents; Cyprus, Ireland, the UK, Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Italy and Switzerland.

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