Malta Escrow Services

Escrow Account Overview

Escrow services are an effective way to prevent fraud and potential risks in commercial transactions. An escrow account is a financial arrangement, where an authorised third party known as the escrow agent collects and holds the payment of funds between the two parties involved in a transaction.

This service ensures security as the funds or assets are held in a secure designated escrow account, payments are only released once it is assured that the terms and conditions established prior the transaction are carried out before an exchange takes place between the two parties.

How an Escrow Account Works?

The two parties involved known as the grantor and the grantee, determine the terms and conditions of the transaction between them which is referred to as an escrow agreement. Once the agreement has been established and the terms and conditions relating to the transaction have been set the grantor transfers the assets or the funds to the escrow agent. It is the escrow agents’ job to verify the transfer, once done the grantee will be informed that the transfer has been made and that the assets or funds are safely secured. Only after the exchange is made, and there is confirmation on the part of the grantee that they are satisfied with the exchange, that we will release the funds from the designated escrow account directly to the grantor.

Escrow agreements are useful for the purpose of:

  • For a business that depends on assets it does not own itself or legally control;
  • When the parties do not have a business relationship;
  • The transaction involves a series of events; or
  • When a business wishes to enforce the relationship of trust with its clients by placing funds in escrow accounts.

Escrows Under Maltese Law

With the introduction of trusts into Malta’s legal system A comprehensive framework has been implemented that allows authorised trustees to act as escrow agents. A vital part of offering escrow services is that of responsibility as it is the obligation of the escrow agent to carry out the agreed transaction between the parties. Zeta’s fiduciary services company, Premier Fiduciary and Trusts Limited is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority, to act as escrow agent.

How Zeta Can Assist

Zeta’s Group affiliate Premier Fiduciary and Trusts Limited, is authorized and licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority to offer escrow agent services for commercial transactions between independent parties. This service is highly advisable in situations where the parties to a transaction are not very familiar with the commercial activities and business practices carried out by each other, therefore, an independent professional party to act as an intermediary to a transaction is needed to provide security for both parties involved.

Premier Fiduciary and Trusts Limited, guarantees that the transfer of funds or assets between the parties involved will only be authorized upon all conditions agreed in the escrow agreement have been met between the parties and the escrow agent. When acting as a escrow agent we act as an independent third party, in accordance with the terms as agreed to between the relevant parties. Our main priority is to maintain a efficient service for all parties involved.

Our escrow services include:

  • In cases of cash transactions, funds would be kept in a dedicated escrow account;
  • Drafting of an escrow agreement;
  • Acting as escrow agent in various commercial transactions.

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