Malta Private Yacht Registration


Malta is recognized as a hub for the international yachting industry. The country has the largest shipping and yachting registry in Europe, and the sixth largest worldwide. Malta has become an attractive judication for yacht ownership, financing and registration, the registration process to register a yacht under the Maltese flag is swift and straightforward.

A yacht registration for a private also known as pleasure yacht in Malta can be done by an owner who is a Maltese resident or an EU citizen who is a resident in Malta. For those who are not Maltese resident person or an EU citizen, a resident agent must be appointed on your behalf.

Private Yacht Requirements

The Shipping Directorate of Transport Malta considers a private yacht to be any pleasure yacht of 6 metres in length or more, that does not carry passengers for reward and is not engaged in trade but is used for the sole purpose of the owner.

VAT Implications

A Maltese yacht owner acting as a taxable person must be registered for VAT purposes in Malta.  Private yacht owners are required to register when the vessel is leased for a short-term period (charters not exceeding 90 days) or a long-term period (charters exceeding 90 days).  

How Zeta Can Assist

Zeta is an authorised Resident Agent and can assist individuals and corporate entities throughout the entire process of registering a vessel under a Maltese flag, while offering an array of services to help your yachting needs.

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